Apr 1, 2021

Let CBS come forward with all of the facts if they want to be a trusted news outlet.

CBS Should Have Done An Investigation of The Facts Prior to Airing the Prince Harry Meghan Markle Interview.


My question is this.

Why didn't CBS or Oprah or Gayle King check the facts before they put out the interview.

CBS is a news station along with entertainment and I thought they were obligated to vet the story before they ran with it.

CBS is gaining from the sensationalism of the story without bothering to do any investigation.

What was the whole purpose of the interview in the first place.

Doesn't CBS have some sort of obligation before they go out and slander the head of state or monarch or another country who is our good friend?

Seriously, this whole thing does not make any sense to me.

The thing is being misinterpreted for ratings.

The other question that is disturbing is why Harry did not jump in and set things straight.

He obviously knows how the monarchy works and he stated that more than one time in the interview.

He could have said, Yes, Meghan you are making some points but here is the base for what is going on.

It seems like Harry is angry with his family for all of the reasons he has often stated like having to walk behind the funeral parade of his mother when he was a child which seemed so nice and respectful to the rest of us but was very offensive to him, apparently, and he is using this opportunity to lash out at his family, the world and the press to avenge his mother's death.

He may have been angry but Meghan seems to have capitalized on his resentfulness for her own gain.

There was really no point of the interview other than to cause harm--irrepairable harm to the royal family and to the nations they associate with and to the world, really.

I just do not see why Harry or CBS did not think this thing through.

The implications of the interview are terrible and somewhat created for sensationalism.

CBS is really obligated at this point to go forward with a through investigation of all of the facts.

Everyone is so afraid to say anything.

There is a difference between truth in journalism and racism.

Let all of the facts come out.

Meghan is an artist at vilifying others for her own gain.

Let CBS bother to air the fact that Piers Morgan was actually correct about gun control in America.

We have just had two big mass shootings again.

I do not think you have that kind of thing in the UK but when those facts are mentioned here folks just will not believe it.

Honestly, I am sad and disturbed about the whole thing.

Meghan did not have anything to lose.

Harry has lost a lot of things he may never get back and caused a lot of pain on a world stage.

He should have thought two times.

He seems like he is mad at his dad and he is going to make him pay.

We cannot blame his for being sad about his mom but he went way overboard.

Gayle King went out this morning on her show with a story about the nations of the Commonwealth considering leaving the UK after the airing of the story, never mentioning that the facts were slanted.

Like all individuals involved with treachery and narcissism there is always a grain of truth in the piece but then it is twisted to make the point of the narrator.

Calling out CBS and Oprah to get the facts straight and go forward with the rest of the story.

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