Apr 5, 2021

Honoring the Police: Well Done Seattle Police Department

 Honoring the Police:  Well Done Seattle Police Department

Honoring the police.

In this day and age of the atrocity against George Floyd shall we still honor the police.

A big shout out and thank you to the Seattle Police Department for helping me yesterday afternoon in Lower Queen Anne.

Could not go out the door with the individual in the alley shouting and arguing with a non-existent person in a tone no less frightening than the demon in the Exorcist.

Yelling, throwing their fists towards no one, smoking a substance from a pipe, seriously, for a long time--I was scared to death.

Unending low and guttural tone, flinging their arms around--the dog would freak--there is no way to avoid or ignore this obstacle.

I'll wait...waited...waited...nothing changed--not knowing what to do I called the police.

What are we going to do in these situations?

The person on the phone was kind on the non-emer number, asked questions to carefully evaluate the situation and they were there right away.

They had back up and patience for the individual in question.

Who are we going to call--what are we going to do without the police?

The person was dangerous potentially to me and to themselves--at one point it looked as if they were going to pass out.

I am glad I am not a police person these days--not knowing what to think--do people hate me or like me.

Let us honor the police and raise their pay, give them benefits, give them housing discounts from the city.  Let's give their kids a discount for college.  Let's give them every kind of training they can possibly need so they can do their job without ridicule.

Why not elevate their position with education.

Have plenty of citizen committees to evaluate what they do and constantly improve our city and the police and homeless situation.

The first one to call out the police and the first one to call the police.

We will make them so beautiful just like our city.  The Seattle Police Department will be an example for other cities to follow.

Why not--what have we got to lose.  Is there a better alternative.

We will keep talking about it until we get it right.

Thank you to the Seattle Police department for helping me yesterday and treating me and the offending individual with kindness and patience.

Well done, Seattle.

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