Mar 12, 2021

What has happened to Coast to Coast AM

 What has happened to Coast to Coast AM.

While everyone knows George Noory is a gifted and experienced journalist one wonders why he often lets the nighttime talk radio show Coast to Coast AM drift into the land of ultra right-wing political banter and plain--just selling things.

Why George.......

This is a good show.  It is the format for interesting and unusual listening in the night.  It seems like it has a huge audience.  There are so many folks out there who work in the night, drive or just cannot sleep.

The show has many purposes and many kinds of listeners.

Constant selling and ultra right-wing politics get old fast.

George often iisists, "Oh, this show is not political."  

"We are apolitical here on Coast to Coast."

Really, George, because your guests with shady proven track records, the likes of Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi make it seems as if you're very one-sided towards the conservative beat.

Do some listeners find this offensive/?

The other huge looming questions:

Is there anything that exists on this planet that George Noory will not sell.

Your thoughts and what station do you listen to in the night.......

Just wondering--does Thomas from La Jolla pay George to be allowed to call in and chat endlessly?

Here is a new talk station in LA.  I will check it out.

From December 7, 2020:

KBLA Announces Talent Search for LA’s Newest Late Night Talk Show Team

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