Mar 13, 2021

Nighttrain: A Conversation About Late night Talk Radio

Nighttrain:  A Conversation About Late Night Talk Radio

Who is talking.

Who is listening.

Do you listen to a nighttime chat radio station?

Just wondering if it is work or a particular schedule that finds one up at night and tuning into their favorite chat show.

Are you like me--sleeping just works out much better with the radio on and a good conversation with a new and unusual topic.  something to hold your interest other than the news.  A good story teller fills the bill.

What is your best station or do you prefer internet radio or a good podcast?

Encouraging readers' comments about your favorite show, host, likes and dislikes.

Here is a link to the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page:

Listening to Coast almost every evening but just wondering why it is always the same folks calling in all of the time.

It is a little bit on the boring side to me.

Your thoughts.......

Vintage North Park San Diego
Upas and Utah Streets about 1920

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