Mar 28, 2021

CNN Inconsistencies Sussex Oprah

Well done on sharing this video. There are too many questions. Why is Meghan speaking as if she is an authority figure on the way the monarchy works, that is how she comes off, but in fact, ,many of her facts are incorrect. Oprah or CBS should have gotten the facts straight before they put it out there or at least given a counter story form a trusted, non-biased source. The other problem I have with the interview is that Meghan is the only one speaking and the only source and it is also presented as if it is absolute fact, without any validation. The network, Oprah, CBS basically lambasted the royal family without doing any research before presenting a story. Now, no one, apparently CNN also, can say anything because it will appear as racism. It was poor journalism on the part of a major American network and it really raked in the ratings. They are presenting something as fact when it is actually sensationalism which sells. The other thing that is terribly annoying is that Harry jumps in once in a while to give us tell-tale hints that he actually knows the ropes very well. So my question is why does he let her go on like that without clarifying the issues. It seems like Harry may be very angry with the world and his family for all of the unfortunate things that have happened with his mom and things he has felt resentful about for a long time and voiced his ideas about and just sat there while bombs were dropped. We all have issues in our families and one can see Harry's side of things but the way he handled it was so disrespectful and hurtful to watch. They should have mentioned Charles bought her wedding dress and in several news clips one can easily see the happiness of the family on the wedding day as mentioned in this CNN vid. They vilified the whole family so they could gain attention. Again, what was the purpose of the interview if it was not treachery and attention. They say they want to be regular but by doing the interview they gained world attention. Finding your voice and one-sided journalism are two different things.

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