Mar 29, 2020

Hummus | Akla wa Hekaya: Meal and a Story

I would love to try the Olive Oil Soap.

Thank you, Sireen, for taking time to tell us about Palestine and about your mom.

It is also fun to learn about the processing of olive oil.

Hello Handsome: This good look'in guy needs a home--Chumper from New York Dog and Cat Fosters

Must Love Dogs - Saving NYC Dogs added a new photo to the album: In Temporary NYC ACC Foster & Deferred Intakes - Adopters needed! — with Debby Pellom and 6 others.
INTAKE DATE - 12/20/2019
CHUMPER HAS BEEN PLACED IN THE FOSTER CARE PROGRAM THROUGH THE SHELTER. SHE CAN be returned at ANY TIME, if an adopter is not found. For more information or to adopt, please EMAIL - SUBJECT Line: Enter Dogs name & animal ID number - Don't forget to add your email address and phone numbers where they can reach you to your email as well. Thank you for caring. 
LONG STAY Chumper Is Stunningly Handsome and Is Already Altered! Friendly and Outgoing with People! With coltish legs, a velvety, caramel coat and eyes that make you wonder if he's possibly part person, Chumper could easily be renamed Thumper as your heart will be "thump, thump, thump."
A volunteer writes: Helllloooo, handsome! Do your best to hold on to your breath at the sight of 6 year-old Chumper. With coltish legs, a velvety, caramel coat and eyes that make you wonder if he's possibly part person, Chumper could easily be renamed Thumper as your heart will be "thump, thump, thump." Now who among us doesn't love a man full of mystery, and that's precisely what Chumper still is. With his quiet, curious demeanor, exploring the pen on a chilly day and returning for pets and treats, Chumper is a most elegant presence who'll always leave you wanting more, wanting more of those eyes and to learn more about him. What we do know is Chumper is incredibly polite with his snacks and prone to bursts of silly play if you get him running which, with those legs, you probably should. Thump, thump, thump. Now listen to the beat of your heart, and come make it full with our Chumper today. Chumper is waiting in adoptions at Manhattan ACC.
Chumper ~ the dashing gentleman ❤️
CHUMPER, ID# 83790, 6 yrs old, 88 lbs, Neutered Male
Manhattan ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Tan / White
Owner Surrender Reason:
Shelter Assessment Rating: LEVEL 3
No children (under 13)
Single-pet home
Recommend no dog parks
Medical Behavior Rating:
OWNER SURRENDER NOTES - BASIC INFORMATION: Chumper previously lived with a adult and 1 special need child. He is friendly and outgoing with strangers. Chumper is uneasy with the special need child in the home. There were no dogs or cats in his previous home. His behavior around other dogs or cats is unknown. Chumper is not bothered when the client takes away a bone, treat or toy away. Chumper is not bothered when the client places his hand by the food while eating. He did not bite or scratch a person or animal in previous home. Chumper is not housetrained. His previous owner describes his energy level as medium.
Other Notes: Chumper is not bothered when the client pushes/pulls him off the funiture. Chumper enjoys baths and is not bothered when his nails are trimmed. Chumper has never had any medical issues and has no known medical concerns.
For a New Family to Know: Chumper is an indoor dog and enjoys running around the yard. Chumper is shy but also enjoys to play. Chumper enjoys stuffed toys and balls. Chumper sleeps inside the home in front of the door. Chumper was fed Bennet dry dog food once a day. Chumper uses the bathroom inside the home and goes outside on the grass and cement. When left alone, Chumper barks and digs in the yard. Chumper has never been crate trained but knows when to sit, lay down and come. Chumper pulls very hard on the leash and when taken off leash he will run away.
INTAKE NOTES – DATE OF INTAKE, 12-20-2019: Chumper had a tense body once the owner left the care center. Chumper cried and barked, and needed two people to place him into a kennel.
Leash Walking
Strength and pulling: Moderate pulling
Reactivity to humans: None
Reactivity to dogs: None
Leash walking comments: None
Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Highly social
Call over: Approaches with coaxing
Sociability comments: Body neutral, seeks treats, leans in for petting
Soft handling: Accepts contact
Exuberant handling: Accepts contact
Handling comments: Body neutral
Jog: Follows (loose)
Arousal comments: None
Knock: Approaches (loose)
Knock Comments: None
Toy: No response
Toy comments: None
The previous owner of Chumper did not report any history around other dogs.
12/21: When greeting a female helper dog, Chumper sniffs briefly then turns away. An off leash greeting is not conducted at this time due to his stress levels.
12/22: Chumper is introduced to the female helper dog off leash. He appears highly tense and uncomfortable when approached.
2/13/2020: When greeting a female dog at the gate, Chumper became tense, barked and growled. An off leash greeting is not conducted.
INTAKE BEHAVIOR: Date of intake: 20-Dec-2019
Summary: Tense, cried, barked when owner left
ENERGY LEVEL: Chumper is described as having a medium level of energy.
1/23: Chumper has been social and interactive with his daily caretakers.
1/25: Chumper seems to have moments of becoming over aroused. Chumper was off leash in play yard and was jumping up at handler.
2/13/2020: Chumper has been a volunteer favorite while at the Care Center. He is soft with handlers and really enjoys treats. He does not often seek attention but accepts petting when offered. He has begun reacting to dogs when leaving and returning to his kennel but has not displayed this sort of behavior outside of the care center on walks.

Please click on his facebook page for more notes.