Dec 8, 2020

What Is Wrong With George Noory--America's Favourite Late Night Radio Talk Show Is Suffering


What Is Wrong With George Noory?

 Coast to Coast AM, America's favourite late night UFO show is suffering with the current host,

George Noory, who took over for Art Bell continues to deliver false information that is actually harmful to our nation.

In his usual fashion of ignoring science he continues to promote any negative aspect he can find--or more importantly, make-up--about the COVID vaccine.

It seems like many of his decisions about the show may have been rooted in money.  


Is it his love of money?

Is it because his show listener base is mainly the conservative audience?  The listeners might be of all political avenues that just like to listen to the radio in the night.  We all love a good UFO show but why promote ideas that go against science and have the potential to harm the welfare of the individuals that make up our country,

Asking George.........

Why not give equal time to a scientist that promotes the vaccine and is studied in the benefits of vaccines and immunizations.

George, you always say your show is apolitical but one wonders with your constant promotion of News Max and extreme conspiracy guests like Jerome Corsi, that you are either very conservative yourself or more accurately you know where your bread is buttered.

Do you feel you have any responsibility to tell the truth?

Your thoughts..........

Who is your favourite late night radio talk show host?

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