Sep 22, 2020

Stormy Rental Practices Rain Down on The Ethiopian Community of Seattle--Destination: Rainier Beach

 If your daughter rented a place wouldn't she expect to be able to wash her hair?

Of course, Lilly, the property manager was angry when it was explained to her that staying there was just too scary.  It was a trap.  An accident waiting to happen.

No Hot Water.........

That was the reason one would panic and leave.


The toilet did not work--the toilet was old and did not flush well, it would be stopped up so easily.

There were roaches

There were no screens on the windows.

The family next door had a plastic sheet in place of a sliding glass door.

All of these things were plenty of reason for concern on their own  The defining factor was that there were over 20 addendums to the lease specifically stating the tenant had to follow rules against the so called practices and philosophy of the landlord.

For example:  how does one air out their apartment to prevent mold when there are no screens on the windows.  It was explained to me by the maintenance man the landlord does not want to buy screens.  No one has screens.

Then why does the addendum to the lease state one must air out their quarters to prevent mold.  This is not right.

Rainier Beach--The Eden Rock Apartment is where these confusing rental practices are taking place.under the property management company of Columbia Modern Living.

It is messed up.

It is confusing.

The tenant does not have a chance.

It is a trap for the unsuspecting tenant who has signed a lease and a payday for the landlord.

But why--why does this exist.  Who does it benefit.

Rented the place--1650.00 per month--no hot water.

The first day I tried to take a bath.  I had said, "Oh, I like to have a bath tub," when I initially viewed the apartment.  Lilly never mentioned there was never going to be enough hot water to take a bath, to fill the tub, let alone wash one's hair.

There was hot water to do the dishes, initially.

One would guess due to the very tiny hot water heater in the closet, upon getting in the tub with hot water on only, the water ran out before the tub was three inches full.  Cold was already coming in so there was no need to mix cold and hot water in order to get in the tub.  So how does one get enough hot water to wash their hair?

The maintenance man came by.  He was very nice and kindly explained that was the way the landlord wanted it.  The water could not be too hot because children or other tenants could easily get burned.  It was a safety issue.  He did not have, really, any hair.  It was actually very thin and short.  Did he not understand,  Had he heard this complaint before.  He had a quick answer.

Shortly there after, there was no hot water.  One would have thought the hot water was turned off completely.  Later it was realized the hot water was on but very low.  The hot water was not warm enough to do the dishes.  Certainly it was not warm enough to take a bath.

Why--what was going on?

Did someone turn off the hot water after the complaint--after the issue was mentioned.

No hot water, the plastic in place of the sliding door of the neighbor's apartment, again against the addendum, satellite dishes all over the place, again against the addendum, no screens on the windows, the poorly flushing toilet.  I'm panicked.  I'm running.

Why does this situation exist--who benefits--who suffers.

Lilly was called in the afternoon.  I said I could not stay there.  I was threatened later in an e-mail.

"I sure hope no one breaks in and you will be charged for the damage!"

Why not go and get the keys left on the kitchen counter as stated-there was plenty of time.

Wouldn't it be easier to get the keys and prevent a bad situation rather than make a threat was the e-mail reply.

In a recent e-mail to tenants.

Do not put things in the toilet including toilet paper.  If the toilet is clogged a 25 dollar charge will be made against the renter.

Who is the landlord and why are they taking advantage of this community.

Does Lilly consider herself to be a ghetto landlord.

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