May 16, 2019

Bringing the world together with Howard Stern, Food and Fabric and Dogs and Cats......

How Howard Stern became a new man

Everyone knows Howard Stern and his wife, Ann love cats.

Bringing the world together with food and fabric, Howard Stern and dogs and cats 

Can you help me get the word out about Diana George Babish and her cat and dog shelter in Bethlehem.

She is working very hard to save these beautiful animals but faces many challenges to find homes due to physical and political isolation.

Will you help me get the word out and also nominate her for a CNN Hero......this will give her a really big exposure in the United States and help her find homes for her friends.

Thank you for reading and here is a link to a post about her giving all of the important information:

Please share this post and spread the word in any way possible.

Jump in with any good ideas or info about fosters.


Suzanne Taylor: Sue Speaks--May Miracle featuring Leonard Cohen

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Hello Chloe ,
OK, that headline is an exaggeration, BUT, have you ever tried to negotiate what it takes to do a podcast that looks to deliver something worth listening to? That the Coming Sooshingle on our homepage is now replaced with our new podcast actually is pretty miraculous to me. All the strategizing and designing and finagling and waiting and reminding and nagging, with a little begging thrown in so Leonard Cohen could deliver people to me, has been a long journey to NOW.
Episode 1
Searching for Unity in Everything:
Meaningful Conversations with Meaningful People
Here's a teaser for Episode 1
A mystic who talks to you from the inside (Teaser to Episode 1)
Listen to podcast guest, Mary Reed, an "unwitting mystic," who shares her startling transformational story of embodying the wisdom that we're all looking for.
What could get the world to change to where the good of the whole is as important to us as personal gain? It has been called way too broad, even mega-maniacal to think that in the bat of an eye we could change what’s fundamental. But, you know, that’s just an opinion. All that would have to happen, for example, is a visitation from an intelligent being not local to Earth. I’m not saying I have that guest, but just that doubters should open their minds to the miraculous. Just being alive is beyond comprehension. Where did all the species come from? Open minds are all that should exist. Throw out all other attributes and keep curiosity and we’d be OK.
In my podcast, I'm looking for wild ideas, survival tips for living in the present madness, and whatever else I can wring out of people who could help us become who we need to be in the world we need to create. Beyond issues, it’s about mindset. Change minds and we change the world.
iTunes is the preferred listening post but if you don’t have that you can listen on Google Play. Please listen and we'd love to hear comments.
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Episode 1
with Mary Reed
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My dream lover, Leonard Cohen, who supplied the theme song for my podcast, was on a monastic trip when I created my non-profit, Mighty Companions, and I asked him, in New Age language that’s a little embarrassing today, if he’d join my pool of Wisdom Advisors. This was his response:
Thank you, my angel, wherever you’ve flown off to, for the gift of Suzanne!
Suzanne Taylor
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copied from and e-mail from Suzanne Taylor--Sue  Speaks--May Miracle