Nov 6, 2019

Buying Produce in North Park San Diego

Chatting about carrots at Smart and Final on Mississippi and University Ave in North Park, San Diego:

Where is your go to produce place?

Someone complained the bagged baby carrots were soggy and indescribably odd.

Exact same carrot story. I was quite annoyed since I pass through there several times a week on my way home from the dog park. The milk is more fresh than Vons, it is cheaper and the lines are shorter. Sometimes I make my own yogurt so I like to be able to count on fresh milk. The manager in the checkout told me it was an issue of the veg watering system spraying too much water and then the water really does not drain but sits there and the issue is created. I have noticed they have not changed anything even though they said it would be addressed. The other issue is green beans--old green beans in the loose bin--wrinkled and still expensive. One gets the impression that most people buy vegetables in packages . They can have some really good prices and I love their biscotti from their bakery. Check out North Park Produce on Wilson and El Cajon Blvd. Yes, one has to look at the items but not really more than S and F. Their deli rice is delicious and their olives, feta cheese and hummus are wonderful. For instance, their red, yellow, orange and green peppers are a very inexpensive price and pomegranates are inexpensive, also. One does have to look at the fruit getting a pom with a bad spot but at the end of the day it is one of my favorite places.

The bread and the candy are lovely, too.

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