Oct 9, 2019

How To Vacuum by Chloe Louise Langendorf Louis

Get the vacuum out.

Start visualizing your reward for the chore.

Unwind the cord and place it loosely around the room for ease of moving the vacuum.

Turn on the television.

Find a good show with commercials.

Place the vacuum in a convenient location in the room to be vacuumed so the chore may take place in short intervals.

The vacuum is ready to go at any given moment.

Take a few moments to visualize your vacuuming routine or map the vacuuming route.

Always start with the easiest, the hall for example, to show progress.

Drink coffee, consider Danish in order to carb load for the heavy lift.

Consider changing the vacuuming map for ease if the situation comes up.

Flexibility is a positive in this situation.

Consider putting things up that might be in the way of the vacuum.

Take a few minutes to calmly consider what things to actually put up or put somewhere else without losing the focus of vacuuming--this is always difficult.

It is important to plan the steps to the reward at this time.

Turn on the vacuum--does it work?

Pick out your show and watch it for a few minutes in order to establish a mental base.

At this time go ahead and vacuum the hall during the second commercial.

Sit down and continue watching the show.

Plan the next move as in what room--what portion of what room.

Pick an area without obstacles at this time just to get started.

After two or three commercials begin vacuuming again the designated room only during the commercial.

Continue vacuuming again on the next commercial.

At this time take a break and reevaluate the area for any necessary plan changes or route detours.

Go to the dog park in order to decompress and not disrupt the daily routine and change focus to something more pleasant.

On returning home take a time out to eat lunch in order to avoid becoming light headed during the extreme chore.

If necessary eat lunch at a lovely fast food venue for a pre-reward after getting started with the chore.

After eating lunch and resting take a few moments to regroup and reevaluate where you are in the progress of vacuuming the designated room of the day.

How much longer do you have to focus on heavy chores during this particular time frame--maybe 15 minutes before other chores or household duties will have to be addressed.

Find a show and see the show's progress.

Continue vacuuming in the commercial.

If the situation arises where the choice has to be made of moving the chair or not in order to continue vacuuming--STOP.

Reevaluate the area and possibly go to a different area in the next commercial for ease of completion of the chore for that day.

Vacuum again in the next commercial knowing this will be the last tip of the day.

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