Oct 28, 2019

Helping Dogs in Palestine: Diana George Babish and Her Amazing Dog Shelter in Beit Sahour Palestine.....and more cute dog pictures


Another happy ending for a very sweet dog " ANGELO" ...Thank You Diana George Babish for Making The World a Better Place


Another happy ending for a very sweet dog " ANGELO" .
Angelo made it to Canada , yet he is five months , he had a long trip started with pain and abuse , but he had a happy ending. Angelo with three of his siblings were found in a cardboard box near the shelter four months ago. All had severe skin problems, the two females died but the males survived Tobby and Angelo. Angelo had another additional problem, people had cut part of his leg and burnt his stomach when he was less than a month. He got the necessary treatment and was fostered first by Samar Nashash, then Leonie Bannoura, and Kaie who gave him all the attention needed for 3 months. 

Now he is in a foster home in Canada with our friend Ari who adopted one of our dogs " Gus " till his new family will take him to their house. We thank all the fosters who cared for him, Miss Michelle Boles who volunteered to take him with her to Canada, and all our volunteers who helped to make this happens. Pls save a soul by supporting our doggies

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The very beautiful and hard working Diana George Babish

نسرد لكم قصة نجاح اخرى، قصة نجاح وصول انجلو إلى كندا أمس. قبل أربعة أشهر ، وجدنا انجلو وثلاثة من اخوته في كرتونة بجوار الماوى وهم يبلغون الشهر من عمرهم، وقد كانوا يعانون من مشاكل جلدية كثيرة . لقد تلقوا العلاج الا ان اثنتين من الاناث توفت ، اما انجلوا كان قد تم تعذيبه أكثر من الناس حيث انهم قطعوا جزءا من قدمه وحرقوا بطنه. تلقى العلاج ، إلى أن قمنا بالنجاح بإيجاد عائلة تتبناه في كندا، وهو الان لدى عائلة حاضنة في كندا ، لدى صديق يدعى أري الذي سبق وتبنى من الجمعية الكلب جاس. نشكر كل من ساعدنا باستكمال مراحل حياته فقد كان هو واخوته برعاية سمر النشاش لفترة ثم ليوني بنورة ثم استقر انجلو لمدة ثلاثة أشهر برعاية كاي التي وفرت له كل الاهتمام والحب. ونشكر ميشيل بولس التي رافقته برحتلها من المطار إلى كندا ونشكر المتطوعين الذين ساعدونا بتوفير كل ما يلزم لوصول انجلو إلى حياته الجديدة في كندا.

copied from the facebook page of Diana George Babish

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[EN] Shrimp Buddha Bowl / بوذا بوول بالجمبري -CookingWithAlia - Episode 749


Oct 22, 2019

The McLaughlin Group 10/18/19 Featuring AB Stoddard Woof!

Pat says he has seen this show before and everyone in The White House actually could use a good lawyer.

Love McLaughlin.


Dogs love The Group, too.

Be sure and check out my fundraiser on my facebook page for Diana George Babish and her dog and cat shelter in Bethlehem.  There is a link to her page that tells all about her hard work rescuing dogs in this area but the difficulty is finding homes. 

Thank you to all of my new and old friends for reading and please feel free to share or provide any tips on sharing or fundraising. 


Chuch:  one of Dians's friends looking for a place to stay.

Oct 17, 2019

Beating of teenage Syrian refugee being investigated as a hate crime


Beating of teenage Syrian refugee being investigated as a hate crime

Attack comes week after man arrested on suspicion of shoving women in hijabs, allegedly telling them to ‘go back to your country’

A 17-year-old Syrian refugee was attacked on a trolley in San Diego on Tuesday, and police are investigating the beating as a hate crime, officials said.
The teen was returning home from school around 3 p.m. when a man approached and asked if the boy was Mexican. After the victim explained that he was Arab, the man “violently” attacked the teen while making anti-Arab and Islamophobic statements, authorities said.
The teen told officials with the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans — which promotes fair treatment of refugees — that there were people nearby, but no one intervened. He suffered an injury to his face and eye.
The assailant was in his 20s, had a goatee and was wearing a gray shirt and black shorts. He was last seen getting off the trolley at the 62nd Street station in the community of Encanto.
“All children, of any ethnicity or faith, should be safe when traveling on San Diego’s public transportation. The Islamophobic and hate-filled rhetoric used against this child is unacceptable, and is, unfortunately not surprising given the rising tide of hate-based crimes in San Diego County,” said Geneviéve Jones-Wright, PANA’s legal director.
Members of the organization, who helped the teen file a police report, added that officers initially said the incident would be investigated as a gang crime, not a hate crime.
San Diego police Sgt. Matthew Botkin didn’t know exactly what was said when the crime was reported, but said the case was “immediately recognized” as a hate crime and a detective has been assigned to the case. Botkin also said the incident was never shared with the department’s gang unit, and no references to gangs or gang activity were included in the report.
The incident happened about a week after a man was arrested on suspicion of shoving and berating three women wearing hijabs, allegedly telling them to “go back to your country.”
The suspect in that case was booked into county jail on suspicion of battery, violating civil rights with force or threats and possessing a firearm silencer.

copied from sandiegouniontribune.com

Oct 15, 2019

The Happy Singing Dog

مشترياتي للشتوية ٢٠١٩/winter haul 2019 Beautiful Hannah

Trying to show the other Palestine, the one we never see on the news featuring the beautiful Hannah Zaid.


Just wanted to tell everyone about the animal shelter of another beautiful lady Diana George Babish and her very lovely dogs that she rescues in Beit Sahour.

I have a donation button on my facebook page to benefit her dog and cat shelter.  She works very hard to find homes for dogs she finds on the streets of Bethlehem and the surrounding areas.  She provides food and housing and medical care, microchips, papers for traveling and crates for the plane ride.

The issue is finding homes for these lovely animals due to physical and political isolation.  If you would like to make a donation that would be wonderful or if you would just like to share the info that would be fabulous, also.

If you have any tips on sharing or other good ideas please let me know.

Thank you for reading.

Chloe Louise

Oct 11, 2019

K-9 praised for finding missing 3-year-old in just 10 minutes, according to police: Well Done Bandit!

Oct 9, 2019

How To Vacuum by Chloe Louise Langendorf Louis

Get the vacuum out.

Start visualizing your reward for the chore.

Unwind the cord and place it loosely around the room for ease of moving the vacuum.

Turn on the television.

Find a good show with commercials.

Place the vacuum in a convenient location in the room to be vacuumed so the chore may take place in short intervals.

The vacuum is ready to go at any given moment.

Take a few moments to visualize your vacuuming routine or map the vacuuming route.

Always start with the easiest, the hall for example, to show progress.

Drink coffee, consider Danish in order to carb load for the heavy lift.

Consider changing the vacuuming map for ease if the situation comes up.

Flexibility is a positive in this situation.

Consider putting things up that might be in the way of the vacuum.

Take a few minutes to calmly consider what things to actually put up or put somewhere else without losing the focus of vacuuming--this is always difficult.

It is important to plan the steps to the reward at this time.

Turn on the vacuum--does it work?

Pick out your show and watch it for a few minutes in order to establish a mental base.

At this time go ahead and vacuum the hall during the second commercial.

Sit down and continue watching the show.

Plan the next move as in what room--what portion of what room.

Pick an area without obstacles at this time just to get started.

After two or three commercials begin vacuuming again the designated room only during the commercial.

Continue vacuuming again on the next commercial.

At this time take a break and reevaluate the area for any necessary plan changes or route detours.

Go to the dog park in order to decompress and not disrupt the daily routine and change focus to something more pleasant.

On returning home take a time out to eat lunch in order to avoid becoming light headed during the extreme chore.

If necessary eat lunch at a lovely fast food venue for a pre-reward after getting started with the chore.

After eating lunch and resting take a few moments to regroup and reevaluate where you are in the progress of vacuuming the designated room of the day.

How much longer do you have to focus on heavy chores during this particular time frame--maybe 15 minutes before other chores or household duties will have to be addressed.

Find a show and see the show's progress.

Continue vacuuming in the commercial.

If the situation arises where the choice has to be made of moving the chair or not in order to continue vacuuming--STOP.

Reevaluate the area and possibly go to a different area in the next commercial for ease of completion of the chore for that day.

Vacuum again in the next commercial knowing this will be the last tip of the day.

INCREDIBLE Bernie Sanders Video Exposes LIES by Mainstream Media

Oct 8, 2019

It's Sunday--Let's Go To Disneyland: Disneyland Monorail 4k 60fps

Seriously, do you love this!

Sometimes I watch these vids instead of the news.

Thanks, to Alex The Historian.

Please check out my fundraiser on my facebook page for Diana George Babish and her dogs in Bethlehem/

She works very hard and the dogs are desperately in need of help.  Her Bethlehem Shelter provides a home and medical care, food and safety for a terrible life on the street as in poisoning and abuse. 

Let me know if you have any tips on sharing or raising funds

Thank you to everyone for donating and sharing.

Oct 5, 2019

Stunning Western Jacket: A Beautiful Lady Models A Cute Western Jacket At Rite-Aid

Running errands and visiting Rite-Aid one could not help but notice the beautiful lady with the stunning and unusual Western jacket.

It turns out she bought it from a lady with a custom boutique selling her fine clothing at a rodeo in Houston.

Kindly and expertly, she agreed to an impromptu modeling session.

She feels the designer may have gone out of business but took time to reveal the buttons on the cuff and the front of the jacket were Swarovski Crystals and the back clasp was a individual piece sold separately.

Lovely jacket.

Thank you for sharing.

A few more photos:


Would you love to sew that jacket yourself?

مشترياتي للشتوية ٢٠١٩/winter haul 2019

Oct 3, 2019

Breaking News: The Bill Press Pod Receives Two Thumbs Up From The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up

A note from Ronnie at The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up:

Ronnie,Editor in Chief at The Ronnie Republic:  I'm giving Bill Press Two Thumbs Up on his new podcast--I think he has some interesting things to say.

Folks, Iv'e always enjoyed Bill Press and hearing his take on politics.

Here at The Ronnie Republic we are giving Bill our stamp of approval.

Check out his new podcast and see what you think.

Well done, Bill, and good luck with all of your endeavors!