Aug 11, 2019

Al Franken For President

Dear Al, 

Just wondering if you could throw your 

hat in and run for president. 


someone was saying on a news reel that no one is 

big enough to go against trump's "show" and 

unfortunately that is probably true. 

It is not about 

politics or intelligence or policy, it is more about 

withstanding his boxing match and running to 

watch the fight. 

Everyone can hear trump but not 

everyone can hear a politician with big words. 

comedian cuts through all of this. Remember your 

friend bill o' could turn into the same 


Think about may be the one person 

who could effectively go up against him--

figuratively speaking.

Ronnie--Executive Editor at the Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up:  We thought about it carefully and we have made our decision to go ahead and endorse Al Franken for President of The Unites States.

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