May 27, 2019

Urban Green Man James Wanless on SUE Speaks--It's Free--It's Good

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Urban Green Man James Wanless, PhD,
Creator of the Voyager Tarot

James Wanless is a modern day alchemist with a solid academic background. He weaves diverse traditions and ways of life – ancient and modern, east and west, scientific and esoteric – into practical solutions for navigating through our changing, uncertain, complex and demanding world.
Here's a teaser
An urban green man who tunes you into going nature's way (Teaser to Episode 2)
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In case you missed it...
Here's a teaser to Episode 1 with guest,
Mary Reed, an unwitting mystic
A mystic who talks to you from the inside (Teaser to Episode 1)
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Me and my doggy girl.....we love nature, too.  An urban paradise--enjoying the Florida Canyon Nature Trails right in the middle of the city--Balboa Park San Diego.  Thanks, James, for telling us about the beauty of nature and dogs all around us.

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