May 30, 2019

Victoria Jones Talks Brexit, Boris Johnson and Larry the Cat on The Bill Press Show - May 30, 2019

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Larry the Cat


The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. I'm a 12 year old tabby, in position longer than the leaders of any of the main UK political parties. Unofficial.
Downing Street, Westminster

Joined February 2011

Larry the Cat

May 28, 2019

لقاء بالقدس و مسابقة مع هدايا #LovePalestine Hannah Zaid: The Other Palestine

Bringing the world together with food and fabric.......

Let's get a bite to eat and talk about helping dogs:

Here's Chuch again--click the link for all of the particulars.......

Image may contain: outdoor, text and nature

Talking about nature on The Ronnie Re:

Check out a free podcast from Urban Green Man, James Wanless on Sue Speaks:

Consider nominating Diana George Babish as a CNN Hero:

Giving her exposure in order to help find homes for dogs with her fabulous Bethlehem Animal Shelter:

Here is a link to the page--feel free to copy anything you find helpful for the nomination if you wish.

Thank you for reading--All of the info and posts are available for sharing.


May 27, 2019

Here's Chuch again: All the qualities of a leader including good looks and a smashing personality!

Chloe Louise shared a post.
Just now
BoNo בונו
אימוץ מושכל וקבלת החלטה נכונה:
אם הכלב שלכם היה נכנס לריב עם כלב אחר הייתם זורקים אותו ונוטשים אותו בהסגר? או שהייתם עובדים איתו וממלאים אותו בביטחון, שידע שאתם שומרים עליו והכל בסדר?
זה מה שקרה לצ'וץ', כשבלי הכנה מוקדמת הכניסו לו כלב אחר הביתה, כלב שהוא לא מכיר. יכול לבלבל, נכון? אז הם רבו ומשם צ'וץ הוחזר לכלביה.
הנה תמונה של צ'וץ' מוביל את מגרש המשחקים עם כלבים נוספים.
לצ'וץ' יש המון חברים איתם הוא משחק, זכרים נקבות גורים בוגרים, והוא כלכך אוהב לשחק איתם.
אבל, חשוב להכיר ולדעת שצ'וץ' צריך קצת זמן להתרגל לכלבים זרים שהוא לא מרגיש איתם בנח, רק לתת לו את המרחב כשהמפגש עם כלב מסוים לא בטוח לו, לתת זמן, להכיל.
בואו תאמצו את צ'וץ, הוא לא מתאים להסגר, הוא כלב של בית ויהיה החבר הכי טוב שלכם ושל הילדים שלכם!
מחונך, מחוסן, משובב, מסורס, בריא ואנרגטי. בן 4 כל החיים לפניו.
Educated adoption and making a right decision:

If your dog had gotten into a fight with another dog, would you throw it away and leave it in quarantine? Or would you work with him and fill him with confidence, that he knew that you were watching him and everything

This is what happened to to, when an early preparation of preparation put another dog home, a dog that he doesn't know. Can confuse, right? So they fought and then a returned to the dog.

Here's a picture of a leading the playground with more dogs.
To has a lot of friends with whom he plays, male females adult puppies, and he loves to play with them so much.
But, it's important to know and know that that needs some time to get used to foreign dogs that he doesn't feel with Noah, just give him the space when the meeting with a certain dog is not safe for him, give time

Come adopt a, he is not suitable for quarantine, he is a dog of a house and will be your best friend and your children!
Educated, vaccinated, mischievous, neutered, healthy and energy. 4 years old, his whole life ahead of him.

Sponsored by הכלבייה hʻyrwnyţ şl ţl אביב- dp hmţndbym
For Adoption / Treaty 052-2224786

Urban Green Man James Wanless on SUE Speaks--It's Free--It's Good

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Urban Green Man James Wanless, PhD,
Creator of the Voyager Tarot

James Wanless is a modern day alchemist with a solid academic background. He weaves diverse traditions and ways of life – ancient and modern, east and west, scientific and esoteric – into practical solutions for navigating through our changing, uncertain, complex and demanding world.
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An urban green man who tunes you into going nature's way (Teaser to Episode 2)
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Me and my doggy girl.....we love nature, too.  An urban paradise--enjoying the Florida Canyon Nature Trails right in the middle of the city--Balboa Park San Diego.  Thanks, James, for telling us about the beauty of nature and dogs all around us.