Apr 8, 2019

Chris Merrill Interviews Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastellum: KOGO at Night--San Diego Radio KOGO 600

So the guy that does my hair lives in TJ.

Who will do my hair?

While this situation may not be an emergency the threat of closing the border by our so called president donald trump does create an emergency for many of the residents and workers of San Diego.

Many folks live on the other side of the border because the rent is cheaper and more affordable for their personal budget.

Many people go to Tijuana or Ensenada on a regular basis because their family is there.

My dog walker's father goes over to Mexico every week because he sees his family and friends and eats dinner.

donald's amazing lack of sensitivity is hurtful.

Chris Merrill, one of the most refreshing voices on KOGO Radio 600 AM in San Diego will always talk about the situation without ridicule.

We will not always agree on the issues but when the problem is talked about, discussed without anger, both sides given we get a new perspective.  The learn the positive and negative points--what is fueling the outrage.

Listen to Chris Merrill chat with the Mayor of Tijuana, Juan Manuel Gastellum, and hear his view on the possible closure of the San Ysidro Border Crossing, the largest border crossing in the country:


Thanks, Chris , for your thoughtful interview.

Well done!


Does donald trump even care about the problems that are created in the lives of the residents and the citizens of our country by closing the border or threatening to close the border?

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