Jan 12, 2019

Only West Bank Animal Shelter Faces Shut Down #LovePalestine

Do you have any thoughts on helping these dogs.

These lovely companions are available for adoption.

One can easily bring home a dog on their next trip to Tel Aviv.

Diana George Babish has done an excellent job of providing care for her dogs at her shelter in Beit Sahour.  This is only 5 minutes outside of Bethlehem.

The dogs have had medical care, neutered and spayed and micro chipped.

Hundreds of Diana's dogs have been adopted internationally.

She provides the kennels and papers so it is not an issue to bring them into another country.

One of the big issues in finding homes for the dogs is isolation by land and politics.

She would love to send some of her dogs to The United States in order to provide homes for some of these lovely creatures she has worked so hard to save.

Do you have any ideas or experience in this area:  fosters, bringing dogs to the U.S., donations, volunteers to bring the dogs here, getting the word out, etc.

It is much less expensive to bring a dog with a person as opposed to sending the dog separately as cargo.

Here is my e-mail and then a link to the facebook page of the shelter.

Thank you for your time.

Please jump in with any thoughts or ideas,



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