Aug 24, 2018

Go To Palestine--Ride a Bike--Get a Dog #LovePalestine

Go To Palestine--Ride a Bike--Get a Dog


Just wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming bike trip to Palestine.

I have been on it two times and it is a unique way to experience the Holy Land
and meet the very friendly folks of Palestine.

George Snow runs the 8 day trip two times a year and he has a special ability
to make everyone feel included regardless of their skills on a bike.

There is a van carrying extra bikes and plenty of water and one can ride at any time.

Some went on the tour for biking--there are some steep hills---and part of our group
went on the trip for religious, political or history reasons. My thing--the food is delicious
and I loved seeing the beautiful resorts, The Jordan river and The Dead Sea, etc.

We joined another bike group and toured the streets of Jericho along with the kids from
a local school.

I could not stand not seeing the issues of the Middle East for myself and this was a
perfect way to do it.

The terrain reminds me of Julian with Olive groves and almond orchards instead of apples.

We also visited the Taybeh brewery.

The Banksy Museum and The Walled Off hotel in Bethlehem is an eye opener.

The next trip is in Sept. George is in Italy and he loves to answers questions.

The trip is also through the Siraj Center in Bethlehem.

And by the way can you please stop at the animal shelter of Diana George Babish
in Bethlehem and bring home a dog as you get ready to head out.

I have a ton of pictures and here is a post from George......
George is an excellent source of information as he has been teaching in Palestine for several years.
Check out for more info....United has a non-stop to Tel Aviv from San Francisco.
Sherry McDowell
San Diego


The Bill Press Show - August 24, 2018