Aug 8, 2018

Be a Pal of Mine in Palestine--Bike Palestine

Oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above. Don't fence me in
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Be a Pal of Mine in Palestine

OK. Let’s think about the next Bike Palestine tour starting 30th September. It will take the usual route from Jenin to Hebron then finally to Jerusalem. Two difficult days (the support bus is at hand for those sneaky hills) and 4 delightful days including a walk across the Jerusalem Wilderness. I have it mind that we should visit the new Turkish Bath in Nablus and the new aquarium in Ramallah which I was reading about today. So much to see in so little time. If we can’t get to see everything in the official tour then consider visiting (in your own time) the splendid Yasser Arafat museum in Ramallah and the new Museum of Palestine in Birzeit.
Presently I have 5 riders signed up and, as ever, I need 8 to break even. So hopefully a few of you reading this newsletter will decide that this is the time you will actually join me.
Last May we had a very successful tour. Our regular Sharon, from California, was with us. We joined forces with the Amos Centre to organise a cycle trip around Jericho with local kids and cyclists. Great fun and widely reported.
I’ve been running this tour for almost 10 years. In that time our riders have been a truly international bunch. Europeans, Americans, Africans and Australasians. Christians, Jews and atheists. They came because they were curious and wanted to see for themselves. Yes; it’s a hard life in Palestine- but the people are so delighted to see you. That you consider sharing their experience, in my opinion, lifts their spirits. So, be a ‘Pal of Mine’ and join me at the end of September. Details, and a booking form, to be found at the Bike Palestine site.

George Snow