May 12, 2018

Apologizing for donald trump in Ramallah

On a recent trip to Ramallah:

One kept having to apologize for donald trump.

Yes, it was embarrassing........very embarrassing.

At the coffee bar:

A very lovely older gentleman asked me, "Where are you from?"

Finding my location of residence to be the United States they asked my opinion of our president with passion.

Explaining endlessly:  "He is not my president, I do not agree with him.  I do not like his policies."

Repeatedly explaining to these very friendly and welcoming individuals, "I do not like what he has done."

"He does not have respect for the Arab countries," was the common complaint.

Why is he moving the embassy to Jerusalem?

It is an embarrassment for an American to travel in the Middle East and constantly have to apologize for donald trump--our very misinformed and ignorant president.

What does the United States stand for if not respecting all citizens of the world.

The same thing happened again:

Have you seen the candy shops in Ramallah?

Seriously, the food alone is worth the trip.

All the vendors are friendly and willing to chat.

I love the nougat candy.

Just wanting to purchase one piece of candy the shop keeper insisted I take one for free and enjoy a delicious cup of Arabic coffee.

The same question is asked again--Do I agree with donald trump--he has no respect for us.

The folks in the shops were so nice--so willing to chat--well dressed and well spoken--so eager to welcome me into their shop.

Fellow Americans, this very, very ignorant and insulting individual who poses as our president is a huge embarrassment when one constantly has to apologize for his insults and lack of respect.

Let's see if we can't eliminate him in our next election so we can hold our heads up as we visit Palestine and the Holy Land

My gosh, what has this world come to?

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