Dec 23, 2018

Francesca Hilton and Miss Liz: The First Meeting

"No, it was just a regular day in Beverly Hills."

"Making an appointment with my manicurist at the Jose Eber Salon a lovely lady could not help but notice my Louis Vutton Case."

"What is that," she exclaimed.

"It was made for me specifically, for my wig--everyone notices it and always has something to say.  Truly, it is a sight to behold.  The case is gorgeous--the size and shape are so unusual."

"This individual turned out to be the one and only Francesca Hilton with her effervescent  personality.  Always overflowing with words and a natural for a conversation with everyone."

"Jose has got to see this!"

"Francesca insisted and proceeded to promenade us directly to the inner sanctum of Jose Eber.  Yes, he was impressed with my possession and we all have been friends ever since."

"That day we could not stop talking and it did seem like a friendship with a certain chemistry was taking place."

"We exchanged phone numbers and eventually got together."

"We have been the best of friends ever since," Miss Liz related.

"This was back in 2007 and while it is true there were ups and downs in the relationship our friendship endured."

Like so many of her friends, Miss Liz was saddened and wondered what happened towards the end of Francesca Hilton's life.

"Many of us are still trying to put the puzzle pieces together."

"We loved her and once in a while we were perplexed by her behavior."

"Francesca was a very colorful person and rather complex."

"Her life was indeed a paradox."

Many of her friends were left wondering what happened to their friend after her passing.

It seems like many of the individuals in her circle would like to tell the story of their beautiful friend, Francesca Hilton.

Thank you, Miss Liz, for taking the time to chat and telling us a very memorable story about this unique individual with  an unusual life.

Miss Liz talked about her friend, Francesca Hilton on her reality show, The Life With Liz.

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