Sep 28, 2018

Fighting Kavanaugh on The Bill Press Show on @TheRonnieRe- September 28, 2018

Kavanaugh, the quintessential entitled white man cannot even answer questions honestly about his past behavior.

It is always the rough neck abusers of women that also want to curtail the reproductive rights of women.

Let's talk donald trump and bill o'reily as examples.

Boys, we're not having it that way in this day and age.

Sep 11, 2018

#LovePalestine The Bill Press Show - September 11, 2018

Bill and Peter talk about Palestine today.

Trying to tell everyone about the dogs of Palestine.

Do you have any ideas about getting the word out on this important issue.

The dogs could really use a helping hand.....there are so many of them that are on their own.


Sep 7, 2018

The Bill Press Show - September 7, 2018

Deputy Editor at CQ Roll Jason Dick (FRIEND OF BILL) @jasonjdick talks White House intrigue with Bill. Will John LeCarre give us any clues about what is really going on with the anon op ed in the NYT.

Good show today.