Jul 10, 2018

Saturday In the Park: Coco Goes to Morley Field Balboa Park in San Diego

What day is it?

Oh, that's right it's Saturday.  I'll go to the park.

I just love the way they do these flowers at the tennis club.

I've always enjoyed Cannas.

I'll stroll on the nature path featuring local shrubs to the dog park.

It is basically just on the other side of the tennis courts but I like to think of it as a Eucalyptus Grove in the middle of a city.

A chance to rebalance--what is really important.

More folks are enjoying the velodrome since it was repaved.  I predicted that.

This is the tree where the red tail hawk family hangs out.  Zoo parking lot in the distance.

Work out bars with my favorite Jacaranda Tree.

Navy Hospital.

The hawks have a giant nest right above us--they use it every year.

The play area for the kids at the end of the Zen Path.  I'm only slightly resentful my mom will not let me go there.

Listening to the Jazz concert at Bird Park

I always bring a book.

If donald read John LeCarre would he have a better grip on the Putin-Russia thing?

Saturday is the one day I refuse to plan.

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