Jul 5, 2018

Chester The Dog and His New Mom

When you adopt a dog, you make a commitment to care for them for their entire lives. Your pup loves you unconditionally and will do anything to ensure that there is always a smile on your face and that you never have to sit on the couch alone, so it is up to you to make sure that this is reciprocated.
Some people, however, don’t take this responsibility as willingly as others and decide to abandon their dogs. This is especially an issue for elderly dogs who need special care and treatmentChester was unfortunately one of these pups. He was found wandering the streets and taken in by a local animal shelter with a high-kill rate. Given his age and the fact that he appeared to have a growth on his underbelly, Chester was slotted for euthanasia. Thankfully, Animal Ark rescue stepped in just in time and gave this elderly dog a second chance at life. Soon after he was adopted by Nicole Elliott, a kind woman who absolutely feel in love with Chester.
After taking him to the vet, it was discovered that Chester had terminal cancer and didn’t have much longer to live. So, Nicole decided it was time to pack up little Chester and set out on a road trip to fulfill all the things on his bucket list.

When Chester was rescued, it was clear he hadn’t been given any love or attention for a long time.


Now all that has changed thanks to his new forever family!

11709843_510336965788092_7494112433737521800_nList item number one: Flatrock Park!


There’s nothing better than a refreshing dip with your best friend!


Chester might be old, but he still has all the joy of a puppy experiencing the world for the first time.


Chester’s first Fourth of July celebration was a huge success.


Hey, you only live once so why not treat yourself!


Nicole might not know how long Chester will be around, but she will do her best to give him all the love and care he needs for the rest of his life.


Good luck, Chester!


To follow Chester on his bucket list journey, follow his Instagram and Facebook page.
All image source: Chester’s Final Journey/Facebook

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