Jun 3, 2018

Back on the air: The McLaughlin Group 6/3/18--Woof

Everyone is so excited to see The McLaughlin Group back on the air. Do you think John McLaughlin would be proud?  It seems like so many people loved him.

We loved John at the ronnie re.

As all of the folks out there are chatting about The Group being back on television can a few words be mentioned about the Palestine Pups.

This very lovely group of dogs are all looking for that special home. 

Are you able to run over to Tel Aviv and pick one up.  It is actually quite reasonable from the UK but if you cannot get over there any time soon can you do everything possible to get the word out.

Here is a post about Diana George Babish and her animal shelter in Bethlehem--feel free to share this info in any way and if anyone has any suggestions please jump in.  They are all lovely dogs and they all need a home.

Here is the post:

Do You Like Dogs...These Palestine Pups Need A Home....#LovePalestine


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