Jun 15, 2018

Peter Ogburn Anchors The Bill Press Show - June 15, 2018

They do a good job of explaining the news.


Diana George Babish is a lady who lives in Bethlehem.  She has an animal shelter for dogs.  There are very many dogs who live on their own in this area of the world.

She is working very hard to try and find homes for these animals.  They are all very clean and friendly.  She has kennels ready for transport and all of the papers needed to take one home.

Sometimes in the area dogs are poisoned or just abandoned. 
Diana and her friend Sabrina talking about her animal shelter.

They are hungry and thirsty and in need of health care.

This lady spends her day trying to care for these creatures and in the night she often receives calls to go and pick up another dog in need of her help.

Can you help this lady in any way?

Can you get a dog.

One can fly to Tel Aviv from the UK for about 250 dollars on a discount flight.

Here is a little more information about her and a link to her facebook page:



Thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions for helping the lovely animals feel free to offer any ideas.

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