Jun 3, 2018

Do You Like Dogs.........#LovePalestine

Palestine Pups are in need of a good home.

Do you like dogs........

Would you like to find a home for some very lovely individuals--friendly, cute and in need of that special someone who can provide a safe and loving place to stay.

Your companion is waiting in Bethlehem.

They live in the animal shelter of Diana George Babish.

She is working very hard to find homes for these creatures she has rescued from the streets of this occupied area.

The people in Palestine are struggling just to meet their needs of everyday life under a confining rule.

The dogs and cats are suffering, as well.

Diana George Babish has kindly helped dogs that have been abandoned or even poisoned.

Her dogs can be easily transported from Tel Aviv.

She will provide all of the papers and kennel necessary for transportation.

Believe it or not it is less expensive to go and get the dog than ship this animal as cargo.

Here is her facebook page:


Diana and her friend Sabrina from Work-away

Contact her on Facebook or send a message to find out more particulars.

Maybe you cannot go and get a dog right now but can you put the word out.
Diana takes good care of the dogs and they are friendly

What do you think?

Can you help these Palestine Pups.


This pup had a serious skin condition--Diana worked very hard to get his coat healthy and now he is going to a good home in Sweden.

This is my dog Coco.  She was on her own in Mexico.  In San Diego we have several groups that rescue dogs from this area but the problem in Bethlehem is isolation by location and politics.

Here is a link to more photos of dogs and the shelter:

Dianna George Babbish and her Animal Shelter in Bethlehem

Thanks for reading....please tell everyone.
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