Jun 8, 2018

Baby Red Tail Hawks: Morley Field Dog Park, Balboa Park, San Diego

At the dog park:

Hard to see the birds but there were three in the nest.

The nest at the dog park has been there for several years.  Every day the birds put on a show learning to fly.

The lady love:
Coco the dog came from Mexico where she lived on her own.  She was stabbed and then she was rescued by Negar and Judy from Paws4Thought Animal Rescue in Bonita.

We are best friends now.

Recently visiting Palestine and noticing there are quite a few stray dogs in need of assistance.

There is a lady in Bethlehem and she is working very hard to help them.

Her name is Diana George Babish and she has an animal shelter there with very many lovely dogs that need homes.

Can you go over to Tel Aviv and pick one up.  It is actually cheaper than shipping them as cargo and Diana can easily provide all of the papers and a kennel.

Or just help to get the word out.

Their hardships are magnified by political and physical isolation.

here is a link to more info about them including her facebook page:

Thanks for reading......if anyone has any ideas about helping Diana please offer you suggestions.



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