May 15, 2018

The thing is Cenk has been right quite a few times now: How Ivanka Could End The Trump Presidency

Does Ivanka really expect anyone to take her seriously after her recent ridiculous performance in Jerusalem.

She claims to care so much about children but it would be nice if she could just be a little more informed about the issues of the Palestinians.

On a recent trip to Ramallah with Bike Palestine one is convinced the world does not really have an accurate view of the people and places of Palestine.

On the news we just see fighting--we do not see the lovely, historic cities, the food, the hospitality of the people, the religious sites, and the struggle the moms face in just trying to get enough water to bathe their children.

We do not see the settlements, the wall, the disturbing checkpoints.

We do not see the beautiful resorts.

We do not taste the hummus and the amazing falafel.

The candy and the nut and dried fruit shops in Ramallah--that alone is worth the trip.

Just asking--could Ivanka possibly take some time to be a little more informed about the situation.

We are happy for her she is real rich and beautiful--let her use her position to gain knowledge about others in our world that are less fortunate.

Let her not be so one-sided in her information base--it would be refreshing.

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