May 17, 2018

Palestinian Heroes: Dogs Helping Dogs in Palestine

My beautiful friends in Palestine are under occupation.

While the people suffer under this terrible struggle the dogs and cats are suffering, too.

It is hard to focus on these very loyal animals when one if working so hard just trying to find water to bathe their children.

Shine a light on two people trying to help the animals.

Diana Geoerge Babish is focusing on the dogs and cats, and yes, even the turtles.

She has an animal shelter in Beit Sahour, just a few minutes south of Bethlehem.

Recenty visiting this very needed shelter for dogs one canot help but try to find a way to lend a helping hand.

We are so rich here in the United States--just wondering if we can assist this lady in any way.

It is not just money that she needs, but also promotion and education to the citizens of this struggling territory.

The day I was there Diana had just returned from taking a dog to the vet in Israel.

The dog had been hit by a car and pushed to the side of the road with broken legs.  Diana saved this dog after a call from a friend.  The dog was afraid and barking but Diana did not give up in her approach and finnally got the dog in her car and drove her to the vet.
Can you take these dogs home.......

Diana George Babbish is basically working alone in her efforts to keep her shelter going.

The dogs were spectacularly clean and well cared for and well fed.  They responded well to photos and they were friendly. too.

These dogs are ready for adoption, all of their shots and papers are in order and they are looking for homes.

We are talking about homes any where in the world.

Yes, it might be a little bit longer of a trip but if anyone can go over to Tel Aviv and pick up a dog Ms. Babish will be glad to assist you in all of the details.

No kidding, but she says it is cheaper to go there and get the dog than have it shipped seperately.

My other Hero:

Mr. Imad Qumsieh is running a very small Humane Society in order to instruct the folks and the children of the Palestinian area of the importance of the environment and the importance of the animals and how everything works together to make a better land for all of us.

Yes, this very kind individual is friends with a Palestinian Gazelle that he rescued as a baby.  The gazelle got really excited when he came near the enclosure and tried to get by him--it was very cute.
Imad Qumsieh was so happy to tell everyone about the Palestine Wildlife Society

Some of the workers do not get paid but donate their time in order to help the animals.

This small refuge is in need of promotion and supplies.
The new baby goat and the mommy--the baby was the star of the show on this day

It seems like we are experts in the U.S. in some of these fields.

Again, it is not just about the money but about culture, education and exposure.

These two hard working individuals are fighting for the rights of animals and for the right of people--it all works together.
Diana Babish and Sabrina who is participating in the Workaway program.
Here are the facebook pages of these very hardworking individuals:

Please spread the word...........

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