May 24, 2018

Bill Press on The McLaughlin Group 5/20/18: Love McLaughlin

Will The Group be back on PBS soon.........

from cl and the ronnie re.......
Dogs helping dogs in Palestine:
Recently in Ramallah after touring the area with Bike Palestine.  People kept asking my opinion of the donald and voicing their frustrations with his lack of respect for the Arab Counties and moving the embassy to Jerusalem.
In Bethlehem I had the opportunity to visit Dianna George Babish and her animal shelter and right nextdoor the Palestine Wildlife Society and Imad Qumsieh.
Just wanted to tell everyone about these two Palestinian heroes working to help the animals of this area.
If anyone has any suggestions for promotion or how to help these very hard working individuals please jump in with your ideas.......
here is a link to my story:

All of these dogs need homes and they are very lovely dogs, too.
Please spread the word and thank you for reading.
Thank you,
Dianna and her friend Sabrina from Work-Away

Imad Qumsieh

The workers are very dedicated and some have worked without pay.

Can you help my friends in Palestine......they need a home, too.

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