Nov 28, 2017

WHO's AFRAID OF FLIPPING FLYNN? // Malcolm Nance on AM JOY (11/26/17)

Quit My Job at CNN + Selling My House | �� SEWING REPORT BREAKING NEWS

Love CNN--Love Sewing Report.

At the end of the day we are all just trying to eat breakfast and get ready for work or school and hopefully wear something reasonable.

Good Luck to the Sewing Report--They will be very successful because they are a very good sewing show--quality, informative and interesting.

Particularly enjoyed the portrayal of Nancy Zieman who recently passed away.  There are very few showing shows on  television about making clothes and Nancy Zieman has been my go to girl for practical and quality sewing for a very long time.......her books are helpful to as in making a collar for a shirt.

The Sewing Report--Bringing the World Together With Food and Fabric.

Elizabeth Arnim Sengelman--Aunt Lizzie

Lizzie and Chas Sengelman--Fayette County Texas

From Fayette County, Texas:

Elizabeth Arnim Sengelman, Aunt Lizzie, Chas and Lizzie Sengelman, Charles and Elizabeth Sengelman.

From the collection of Bessie Ida Arnim Varley from Schulenburg, Texas.

In Search of information about:

Feodor Charles Arnim

This individual passed away in Abilene, Texas at the age of approximately 40 years.

He spent most of his life in Fayette County Texas and he also had relatives in Flatonia.   His brother is E. A. Arnim--Edward Alexander Arnim.

Feodor Charles was loveinly nicknamed "Pomp" by his family.