Nov 8, 2017

Happy Birthday: Richard Byron Varley Senior Nov 8

Dapper in his straw hat as a young man in San Diego.......

He married the girl of his dreams, Miss Bessie Ida Arnim from Orange, Ca.

Bessie worked at the Boston Store in San Diego with her friend Hannah Varley.

Richard Varley and his brother Bill loved just spending time together.

Their father, Lazarus Varley was born in Burnley, England.

His mother was Mary Jane Byron.

Richard Varley lived in Fall River Mass when he was a child and then the family ended up moving to San Diego when he was a young man.

When Richard Byron Varley was a kid he used to make deliveries to Lizzie Borden.

He always loved dogs, particularly bull dogs.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful person/

Richard Varley and Bill Varley were one of the first people in San Diego to drive automobiles.