Sep 21, 2017

Helen Virginia Laidley Arnim: A Texas Celebration

Grandma visited her mother, brother and sister and brother in law on Mother's Day--We really had a good time.

Helen Virginia Laidley Arnim,

Old Towne Orange

Orange Historical Society

Vintage Orange

Orange, Ca

Helen Virginia Laidley Arnim: Celebrating a Texas Lady

Helen Virginia Laidley Arnim moved to Orange, California with her four children from Schulenberg Texas.

Her husband had just passed away and her youngest child was just a baby.

She moved out to the West Coast on the suggestion of her brother, Theodore Beall Laidley who already lived here.

Grandma always called them Mama and Papa--she loved her mother and father very much and always enjoyed spending time with her mom and sister in Orange.

Often we would take the bus to the depot in San Diego and take the train to Orange, actually we usually went to Tustin where Aunt Zena picked us up in her car and drove us to their home at 221 South Glassell St. in Orange, just off the town square.

Yes, we drove through Orange Groves on the way there.

On Mother's Day we visited Fairhaven Cemetary in Orange.

My Grandmother always likes to visit her mother on her birthday and Mother's Day--they were great friends and just enjoyed being together.

Coco waited in the car for her mother while we took pictures.

After we all spent some quality time together at Fairhaven we drove for about 10 minutes and took some pictures at the house.

This house has been preserved in a grand way--my Grandmother and her Mother, Helen Arnim are really happy about everything.