Dec 27, 2017

Dave Ramsey: Was that sour grapes.......

Dave Ramsey: Let him get the facts before giving advice and an attitude adjustment might be in order, as well.

Usually admire your tips on budgeting but one wonders why you instructed the young man last evening not to persue a career in Mechanical Engineering.

I do believe this is one field where more folks are needed and there are plenty of jobs available with a four year degree.

You indicated what kind of job would he actually do after he had said his dad was also in mechanical engineering.

I wonder if his dad could have told him what kind of jobs were available.

While it is common these days to say it might be better to go for a technical suggested car mechanic...instead of going for a degree that does not have jobs readily available one would think he could easily pay off a student loan with this kind of career.

An education is so important to some people one would have to ask if you are just at a deficit in your vision or maybe sour grapes were involved.

Perhaps you should check out more facts prior to advising in this particular field. Your attitude towards the young man had a tone that was so offensive I had to look for other listening.

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