Oct 17, 2017

Bessie Ida Arnim Varley: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to a wonderful Grandmother.

Bessie Ida Arnim Varley:

October 17, 1897--July 16, 1981

Her blouse is so beautiful.  Did she make it--she always did a lot of sewing.

F. C. Arnim, her baby brother at their house in Orange, California--about 1910.

Frances Charles Arnim and his mother, Helen Virginia Laidley Arnim still in Texas.
She would be so happy to see her house today.  She loved her family and the house her mother built when she came out to Orange, California from Texas after her husband, Grandma's father, passed away.

This house had two kitchens--a summer and winter kitchen.

Grandma, her mother and her sister Hezena Arnim Rowley, Aunt Zena

Grandma was so excited when we visited Orange on Mother's Day.

This was her cat, Pinky.

Coco waiting in the car at Fairhaven.

Chlo Langendorf is spending quality time with Grandma and Pinky right now.

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Image result for the yellow rose of texas

Image result for yellow birds

Remembering the yellow bird of Texas today

Just a little update to remember the day of her passing:

She did everything for me and she was so happy about it.

She arranged a whole trip just for me to go to Disneyland.

On a recent visit to Schulenburg for the Arnim, Baumgarten, Sengelmann Family reunion I came across this picture in the Schulenburg Museum:

This is a picture of the livery stable owned by her father:  The F C Arnim Livery Stable.

Here is a picture of "Pomp."

That was the nickname of her father, Feodor Charles Arnim.

She called him Papa.

Here they are at their house in Orange, California on Glassell......

Zena, Bessie, Billy, FC and their mother, Helen Laidley Arnim.


FC, Bessie and Zena out in front of their new house in Orange, with very small palm trees.

Just found this picture:

I love you, Grandma, Happy Birthday and THANK YOU for everything!

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