Oct 30, 2017

1948: Creation and Catastrophe Answering Questions at The San Diego Arab Film Festival

This film answers the questions that everyone is always asking me about the reason for the Palestian--Israeli Conflict.

That is what one member of the audience said in the question and answer session after seeing the film,  1948:  Creation and Catastrophe presented at the San Diego Arab Film Festival this past weekend at the AMC 20 in Mission Valley.

It is a powerful movie and received several standing ovations as the director and the creator explained they had been working on this project for 10 years and the difficulty of obtaining the interviews.

This program will be great on PBS--everyone should see it.  Very many screenings and interviews about this very important film will be happening during the first of the year particularly in March.

The director said to be sure and look at the website and the facebook page for the most current news about the movie.

Here is a lik to the website:


This website has a link to the facebook page, as well.

Spreading the word--this is time well spent.

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