Oct 30, 2017

1948: Creation and Catastrophe Answering Questions at The San Diego Arab Film Festival

This film answers the questions that everyone is always asking me about the reason for the Palestian--Israeli Conflict.

That is what one member of the audience said in the question and answer session after seeing the film,  1948:  Creation and Catastrophe presented at the San Diego Arab Film Festival this past weekend at the AMC 20 in Mission Valley.

It is a powerful movie and received several standing ovations as the director and the creator explained they had been working on this project for 10 years and the difficulty of obtaining the interviews.

This program will be great on PBS--everyone should see it.  Very many screenings and interviews about this very important film will be happening during the first of the year particularly in March.

The director said to be sure and look at the website and the facebook page for the most current news about the movie.

Here is a lik to the website:


This website has a link to the facebook page, as well.

Spreading the word--this is time well spent.

Oct 27, 2017

From: By Hand London: The ultimate DIY beach cover-up kaftan!

When it's so hot that all you want to be is naked, a floaty kaftan is the next best thing.

Crazy easy to make, but with just enough technique to keep you from getting bored while you sew, our cover-up will leave you looking as fabulous as any one of these iconic kaftan wearers.

What you need:
  • Fabric - we used a vintage silk sari - you'll need a length of fabric that is double the length you want it to be from shoulder to hem (approx 280cm and ideally a narrower width of about 115cm)
  • Bias binding - either homemade or shop bought
  • A length of twisted cord for the waist tie (optional; you could also use a length of binding made from the same fabric as your kaftan)
  • Your sewing machine and usual dressmaking tools and supplies

copied from By Hand London:

here is a link to the page to see the complete tutorial from this very informative and helpful sewing blog:

Love this sewing website......also check out the tips on narrow hem or shirt tail hems.

Oct 24, 2017

Still Life: Remembering Watercolor Artist Zena Arnim Rowley

Happy Birthday to Aunt Zena.

Thank you for giving us your beautiful paintings to grace our walls.

Zena Arnim Rowley was born in Schulenburg, Texas on October 24 1885.

Her father passed away when she was still a young girl.

Her father was Feodor Charles Arnim.

A few years later she moved with her sister, Bessie Ida Arnim Varley, and two brothers to Orange, California.

Her mother moved the family out to California to be with her brother Uncle Thee, Theodore Beall Laidley.

They lived at 227 South Glassell/

Her house has been restored and it is recognized by the Old Towne Orange Preservation Association.

They all would be so happy to see how their house looks today.

Aunt Zena married Joseph Rowley.

She loved to play bridge and paint watercolors.

Bessie Arnim Varley, Helen Virginia Arnim, Zena Arnim Rowely

Rest In Peace, Aunt Zena and thank you for loving us.

Oct 21, 2017

Is There A Ghost On this Train.......Gene Bowker on @TheRonnieRe

Happy Halloween from The Ronnie Republic.


Love trains, always have, always will.........

copied from Gene Bowker Railroads on Google Plus.


here is a link to his page for more stunning railroad pictures:


Thanks, Gene, for taking time to share your photography with us,

Railroad Photography by Gene Bowker

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Oct 18, 2017

At the end of the day are Kelly and Tillerson bigger men than donald trump: The Bill Press Show - October 18, 2017

They made an interesting comment today when they talked about Tillerson and Kelly running very large corporations and being a very esteemed general yet having to take orders and constantly be insulted by an ingrate like donald trump.

Even though one would not agree with the republican policies these folks are pushing does this mean that these individuals are indeed more of a man than the donald and care more about the well-being of the country than their selves that they are willing to stay on and suffer the indiscretions of their post and their boss.

behavior or speech that is indiscreet or displays a lack of good judgment.

well, what do you think.........

Oct 17, 2017

Bessie Ida Arnim Varley: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to a wonderful Grandmother.

Bessie Ida Arnim Varley:

October 17, 1897--July 16, 1981

Her blouse is so beautiful.  Did she make it--she always did a lot of sewing.

F. C. Arnim, her baby brother at their house in Orange, California--about 1910.

Frances Charles Arnim and his mother, Helen Virginia Laidley Arnim still in Texas.
She would be so happy to see her house today.  She loved her family and the house her mother built when she came out to Orange, California from Texas after her husband, Grandma's father, passed away.

This house had two kitchens--a summer and winter kitchen.

Grandma, her mother and her sister Hezena Arnim Rowley, Aunt Zena

Grandma was so excited when we visited Orange on Mother's Day.

This was her cat, Pinky.

Coco waiting in the car at Fairhaven.

Chlo Langendorf is spending quality time with Grandma and Pinky right now.

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Image result for the yellow rose of texas

Image result for yellow birds

Remembering the yellow bird of Texas today

Just a little update to remember the day of her passing:

She did everything for me and she was so happy about it.

She arranged a whole trip just for me to go to Disneyland.

On a recent visit to Schulenburg for the Arnim, Baumgarten, Sengelmann Family reunion I came across this picture in the Schulenburg Museum:

This is a picture of the livery stable owned by her father:  The F C Arnim Livery Stable.

Here is a picture of "Pomp."

That was the nickname of her father, Feodor Charles Arnim.

She called him Papa.

Here they are at their house in Orange, California on Glassell......

Zena, Bessie, Billy, FC and their mother, Helen Laidley Arnim.


FC, Bessie and Zena out in front of their new house in Orange, with very small palm trees.

Just found this picture: