Aug 16, 2017

Standing with Heather Heyer, CNN, Wolf Blitzer and his Grandparents

English: The Downtown Mall in Charlottesville,...
English: The Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Honoring those of us that have passed and died for us, our freedom and our safety.

The Ronnie Republic would like to honor the ones that we love that have passed--they are still remembered, loved and respected.

Remembering Heather Heyer and the folks of Charlottesville that came out for peace for all of us.

Remembering the folks of the South that have passed due to hate.

Respecting the grandparents of Wolf Blitzer and thanking everyone that will tell the story of struggling under the rule of those that want to remove the rights of our fellow human beings.

Thanks, Wolf, for telling your story and to the parents of Heather Heyer for standing strong in the face of evil.

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