Aug 24, 2017

San Diego Police Dept: Showing Respect and Compassion

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The City Heights Division of The San Diego Police Department operating in a way that shows respect and compassion to the citizens of San Diego.

Seriously, it has to be said in this day and age when the police are so often criticized for showing too much force or on the other end of things violently attacked when they are simply carrying out their daily activities.Image result for police in city heights san diego

Here in the City Heights area of San Diego once in a while we have some individuals snoozing in an area that is unsafe.

This happened last evening in front of my house and one literally did not know what to do because the individual in question was not easy to understand and the brown lady was barking uncontrollably.

It was an unsafe situation for everyone involved because there was a street, a driveway, a walkway, dogs and food all in the middle of traffic.
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Yes, I was slightly frightened when the person in question came towards me mumbling carrying a load of clothes and throwing them down at the corner of my apartment driveway.

The whole thing was confusing.

The next thing one noticed was the police with their flashlight asking questions.

But here's the thing.........

As the loud brown one insisted on walking again--the policeman could be heard in a very kind way trying to find out what was going on with this wayward man.

The man must have been desperate because I could hear the officer relate to the gentleman that he had received many calls about worrisome drivers avoiding someone in the street and that this person was also snoring.

Two officers were there soon but I could not help but notice they did not talk in any negative way or show any force--they took there time with this citizen.

As far as I could see they assisted him in gathering his things--one could admire the idea that they were not in a rush.

No, thanks has to be said here in this confusing situation--they took control and handled it in a way that left a good feeling in the hearts of the neighbors.

In short--I felt very bad for the man but honestly, I did not know what to do.

A few months ago we had an incident of an individual on a house throwing rocks.  As the street was blocked off and a crowd gathered--literally every single person recording the event on their phone--the police again showed kindness and compassion.  No shouting, no show of force and a good outcome as they took their time and talked the person down off the roof.  It took several times of this fellow going back and forth.

I just have to say thank you to the San Diego Police Department for showing training , kindness and compassion in their very hard job.

Yes, an opinion will be registered in favor of the SDPD as this blogger is often one to vote with a complaint, as well.

The first one to complain about the police and the first one to call the police.

We cannot operate without them.

The San Diego Police Department set a good example for other police departments and for citizens as well......we must honor them and thank them for their service.

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