May 28, 2017

Thai Yellow Vegetable Curry: Claire Hesseltine--Snapguide

English: Kaeng som kung (Thai script: แกงสมกุ้...
English: Kaeng som kung (Thai script: แกงสมกุ้ง) is a spicy and sour prawn and vegetable soup/curry deriving its acidity from the use of tamarind juice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
File under food obsession........

Wanted to share this beautiful post for Thai Yellow Curry.

It seems like many cooks use purchased Curry Paste and are very pleased with the results.

For a special occasion it would be so fun and a perfect day to try and create this delicious dish yourself.

Any tips?

Check out How to Make Thai Yellow Vegetable Curry by Claire Hesseltine on Snapguide.

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