May 29, 2017

Richard Byron Varley II: In Loving Memory

.Honoring Passed Family Members

Memorial Day

Richard Byron Varley  II

My Uncle Richard and a definite star of our family.

This very intelligent and assertive individual grew up in the Talmadge area of San Diego and also spent some years of his youth in Burbank and Santa Barbara.

He graduated from Herbert Hoover High School before attending Annapolis and MIT earning a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

As he pursued a career in the Navy he endured the hardship of the his vessel sinking during an attack in World War 2.  After the Hornet was heading towards the floor of the sea he spent 5 hours in the water before he was rescued along with his crew.

Often hearing the story from my Grandmother and my Mother of listening to the radio and learning of  the castastrophic event aboard his ship--however, this was only one small news bleep and after that it was not mentioned again for some time and they were in a panic and could not get any more information.

It seemed like everything was on a stellar course for this very important individual until an incident occurred near the Panama Canal.  His ship had a small collision and as he was in command at the time the fault was placed on Uncle Richard.  It seems the captain was temporarily absent.

Unfortunately this had very detrimental effect on his advancement and his career came to a grinding halt.

It is a sad story because this incident seemed to affect his whole life and the life of his family members.

These setbacks result in a high price for everyone.

My grandmother and everyone in our family was so proud of him.

On this Memorial Day I would like to send him the love of everyone in our family and wish him peace and happiness and rest after all of his hard work and service to our country.

Thanks, Uncle Richard, for everything.

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