Apr 20, 2017

Bike Palestine: Cycling through Olive Groves--Delicious Food

Everyone said the humus is superb in Palestine.

All of the food is delicious--Greek salad, creamy humus, and honey cake,  Seriously, possibly the best Baklava I have ever had in my life--the Middle Eastern foodies dream.

This is Bike Palestine.

Just wanted everyone to know of the unique experience of cycling through the hills and villages of Palestine.

Picturesque villages, bustling and historic cities and gracious families are ready  to welcome visitors to this little known area.

From San Diego cycling through the almond and olive groves reminds one of driving through the hills of San Diego on a road trip to Julian but a more rocky terain, replacing the apples with olive trees.

This is the opposite view of what is depicted on the news.

The Siraj Center working with Bike Palestine would like to get the word out about this world wide historic travel destination.

We toured Roman ruins in Sebastia.  We saw the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on Palm Sunday--indescribable beauty.

Jordon River Valley

We bathed in the Dead Sea--that part was almost too much as it was just so weird but definitely worth doing one time.

We traveled on cable cars in Jericho.

We stayed at fancy resorts and we followed the footsteps of Jesus in Jerusalem.

I would like everyone to consider a trip to the Middle East and enjoy the hospitality of Bike Palestine and the Siraj Center and enjoy the friendly people and the unique beauty of the countryside.

What an eye opener from the news--so glad I went.

There are lovely tour guides with a van in the front of the group and a truck in the back to pick up folks who want to take a break from the biking the hills.

Believe it or not we had every kind of bike riding ability in our group....from the extreme to the not so athletic (that was me) and it worked out just fine thanks to the expertise of our tour guides Nadil and Mohanned.

Passing through a rural village with the kids just getting out of school.

Siraj Center Cat

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