Mar 8, 2017

Volvo or Audi #neveraudi Turn that stupid commercial off

The demise of the magnificent bull--brought to you by Audi

Let's see.....should I buy a Volvo or an Audi?

Shall I base my decision on commercials.Image result for texas longhorn bull

The Volvo ad--possibly the most beautiful commercial ever made--lovely poetry and respect for the fragility of animals.

Striving to behold our vast wilderness we are blessed with here in the US and the creatures that inhabit the open spaces.
Grape St. Dog Park San Diego

The poetry and the pictures are inspirational--we can appreciate life and all that surrounds us.

Let's compare the Audi ad.

Bull versus car.

As the car approaches the ring the magnificent bull is forced down--apparently by the car.

Or is this gorgeous beast forced down into submission by the man driving the car.


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