Jul 6, 2016

SDPD Needs Your Help: Homicide Cases Involving the Homeless--$1,000 Reward--Crime Stoppers San Diego

Lisa McKeanSan Diego Police Department AGENCY
View larger photoWe are asking for your help in identifying the suspect(s) who are targeting our homeless community. Please view the attached press release with pictures of a person of interest. For the video mentioned on the flyer, please visit our Facebook and Twitter page to view. We currently have multiple resources deployed in our communities to inform our homeless population of these attacks. We are asking your help in spreading the word also to our homeless; to remain vigilant, avoid sleeping alone, and stay in open, well-lit areas.

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The Arab Heroes Who Saved the Mark Family: The @JewishPress on @TheRonnieRe

The Arab Heroes Who Saved the Mark Family 

The first people on the scene were Arabs driving by who stopped and helped save the Jewish terror victims.

Islam Albid - The first person who helped save the Mark family after the terror attack.
Islam Albid - The first person who helped save the Mark family after the terror attack.
Photo Credit: Mabat - Israel TV
After Jihadi terrorists opened fire on the vehicle of Miki Mark and his family on Friday near Otniel on July 1, 2016, the first people on the scene were an Arab couple from the village of Al-Farar, Islam Albid and his wife, a nurse.
Seeing the overturned car, they immediately stopped and managed to get a door open and pull the trapped and wounded children out of the car.
The couple got the wounded children into their car, tried to calm them down (in perfect Hebrew) and called for a Red Crescent ambulance.
Albid told Israel TV that he did it “for humanistic reasons and of course for Allah.”
A few minutes after that, an Arab doctor, Dr. Ali Abu Shruch, a kidney surgeon from the village of Dahariya in the southern Hebron Hills, drove by with his brother and his brother’s wife. They were on their way to pray in Jerusalem.
In an interview on Israeli TV (see video below), the doctor described how he assessed the situation, and freed the mother, Chava Marks, who was being suffocated by the seat belt.
At that point a Red Crescent ambulance and an IDF army jeep arrived. A MDA ambulance arrived a few minutes after that.
It was then, when the doctor checked the father, Miki Mark, that he realized this wasn’t an accident, but a terror attack and they had been shot, and Miki was dead.
During the interview, Dr. Abu Shruch emphasized that he wasn’t a hero. He has an obligation to treat everyone and as a doctor he doesn’t get involved in politics, he was doing his job.
He said his friends have all blessed him for his honorable actions.
The doctor passed a message along to the family saying, “I know the damage to the family is hard, but I want them to know I did all that I could to help them.”
After the funeral, members of the Mark family pointed out that the first people on the scene trying to help save them were Arabs, and one must not think all Arabs are terrorists.
There is hope after all.
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