May 12, 2016

Bangers and Mash: Seriously, this is my favorite food website--Thibeault's Table on @TheRonnieRe

"Recipes are meant to be shared"...Ann Thibeault

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bangers and Mash

Comfort Food.

Bangers and Mash
served with leftover chicken gravy
asparagus and rutabaga. 

Seriously, I Love Pigs, Too: #TurnYourNoseUp

Why are Dominic West, Jeremy Irons and Sadie Frost cuddling an adorable pig?

Dominic West, Jeremy Irons and Dame Vivienne Westwood are shown cuddling up to a little pig as part of an effort to persuade the public to buy meat from pigs raised in more humane conditions.
The #TurnYourNoseUp campaign seeks to highlight the plight of pigs in intensive rearing units – or “factories”.
Richard E Grant (Clive Arrowsmith)
A video shows Miranda Richardson, Richard E Grant, Sadie Frost and Jon Snow visibly horrified as they are shown footage of pigs in small pens and cramped conditions.
Dominic West (Clive Arrowsmith)
Batman actor Jeremy said: “I eat meat, but for me to eat the meat of animals that have been raised inhumanely, cruelly, somehow seems to taint my own humanity.”

Newsreader Jon highlighted the dangers of antibiotic resistance, as livestock were routinely dosed with antibiotics. He said: “Antibiotics overuse is causing antibiotic-resistant diseases in pigs that can then pass to humans.”
Sadie Frost (Clive Arrowsmith)
Celebrities including Stephen Fry, Sting, Rupert Everett, Moby, Jools Holland, Joanna Lumley, and Sir Roger Moore will post selfies on Thursday of them “turning their noses up”.
Jon Snow (Clive Arrowsmith)
Others to back the campaign include Jamie Oliver, Stella and Sir Paul McCartney, Hugh Grant and Lily Allen. Black-and-white portraits by fashion photographer Clive Arrowsmith show Jeremy staring down the snout of a pig, while Hugh and Rupert cradle the pig in their arms.
Tracy Worcester, founder of Farms Not Factories, said: “Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system and encourage the public to only buy pork from high welfare farms.
Rupert Everett (Clive Arrowsmith)
“Vote for real farming over factory farming by buying pork with the labels RSPCA assured, outdoor bred, free range or best of all, organic.”


America's Date with The Devil: Is CNN the Maitre d'.......

Listening to news, usually CNN, and troubled about the political coverage.

Recently, on CNN after the Brussels incident presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley said the only two candidates to offer reasuring words and actually have a reasonable plan and sound presidential are Hillary Clinton and John Kasich.  Their panel of experts must have talked about that for at least 30 seconds and then went straight back to talk about Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and their wives fighting via twitter.

The 24 hour cable news stations have fallen for the donald hook line and sinker.  I guess it is ratings and he is a good story given policy can be a little boring.  Donald says something stupid each day and that is all they talk about.

At the end of the day it is really not news and the viewer is the loser.

Also, the other folks running for office cannot really talk in the same Archie Bunker lingo that the donald uses because they have to represet their voters as elected officials and if they said the things donald said they would be thrown out of office for being racist.

Why do they not explain all of that on the news, why politicians talk the way they do and the whole world is listening, etc.

Also, as the field narrowed I wonder why they did not have serious debates on the GOP side.  We know every detail of what Hillary and Bernie think and Kasich or Cruz could have easily held their own in debates--the donald--not so much.

Also, I wonder why donald was not called out as soon as he started talking about rounding people up because that is certainly not the stance of the Republican Party.  He never really went along with the GOP platform.

Why did they have their big study after Mitt Romney lost the last election.

Today, KOGO 600 in San Diego is hosting a panel discussing the media--hopefully some of these questions will be answered.

Really sad to miss this event, Ted Garcia of the morning news who is conducting the panel said it will be on the website of KOGO.

Coincidentally, The Los Angeles World Affairs Council will have an event this evening featuring Karl Rove talking about the same subject.  Always wanting to attend one of these functions hopefully there will be a way to see this discussion at a later date, as well.

Personally, one would like to ask CNN, why are you reporting trump's comments about the way John Kasich eats as opposed to why your are not hosting debates on the GOP side about policy and philosphies of each candidates campaign?  

What is the real reason you are not having informational debates and focusing on spaghetti?

I guess that would not bring in quite as many ratings, but in the end were the pancake statements really newsworthy.

CNN might want to ask themselves these in depth questions.

Perhaps, there should be  a study about what happened to cable news as well as the Republican Party.

chloe louise--Hillary girl forever

photos from the Grape park in San Diego

This Is What I’ve Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls: on @TheRonnieRe


This Is What I’ve Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls

Written by Neely Conway and originally posted on BarkPost:
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of pit bulls. As a mother to two and foster mom to many, I have always had a soft spot for a dog with a blocky head.
And although I wish I could say I’ve taught these dogs a thing or two, it would be a disservice to the role they have played in my life. They have taught me way more than I could ever begin to teach them.
Lesson #1:  Freedom Rides Are the Best Rides
When I picked Elly up from the shelter, I wrapped my arms around her belly and awkwardly placed her in my backseat. She rested her head outside the window, just enough to feel the air. She was an older, overweight pit bull mix who needed a foster home to recover during her heartworm treatment. We had no idea she would end up staying with us for eight months as she endured and recovered from many illnesses, infections, and hardships.
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls2
During those months, Elly would ride everywhere with me, her face poking out the window. Those were some of my favorite moments with her, and I can’t help but think she would agree. Even now, three months after she’s been adopted, I still miss her in my backseat.
I could argue for hours about the benefits of adopting a shelter dog, as opposed to purchasing a dog from a reputable breeder. But at the end of the day, nothing can quite compare to their ride away from a life of confinement towards a life of freedom.
Nothing can compare to the loud snoring when their head hits their brand new bed. Or the excitement in their eyes when they begin to devour their first real meal. Or the first time they realize that you will always come back home.
Nothing can quite compare to their gradual realization that humans really can be good.
Lesson #2:  Smiling Is Contageous
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls3
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls4
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls5
Lesson #3:  No Matter What’s Happened in Your Past, You Can Always Get Better
I first met Mari at the Fulton County Animal Shelter. She was the only dog out of a local fighting ring bust that was dog-friendly, but she was having difficulty warming up to humans. I knew immediately she’d be a perfect dog for our home.
The first few weeks presented many obstacles. Mari was terrified of me. She would shake in her crate as I walked by. She would plaster herself against my bedroom wall, begging for me to leave her. She would dart around the house frantically, hoping to find a spot where she could be alone.
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls6
remember the exact day she began to warm up to me. I remember her head slowly poking out from her crate. I remember her tail beginning to wag. I remember the look on her face as she begged me not to hurt her. I remember the feeling as she crawled up into my lap, shaking. I remember how hard she was trying.
I remember every day after that getting better and better. Until one day the bad days were gone, and in their place were amazing days.
Lesson #4:  The Only Way to Break Through Stereotypes Is Through Your Actions
We found Lyla as we were driving down to Florida for vacation. She was a stray, pregnant, flea-infested pit bull. My eyes were wide as I looked at my husband: How were we going to pull this off?
As we were driving, we began to doubt our decision to pick her up off the side of the road. Would she get along with other dogs? Would she be ok with kids? Would we regret this?
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls7
Throughout the next few months, Lyla would prove us wrong on so many occasions. She would end up getting along perfectly with other dogs. She was amazing with children. And even two years later, she is still one of our favorite rescue stories. We never regretted it.
People often ask us why we choose to rescue pit bulls; why we’re fighting for a breed that has such a bad reputation. And our only answer is to invite them into our home, to allow them to meet our dogs. Because once they do, their mind is forever changed.
No argument or heated discussion will ever accomplish what setting a good example can.
Lesson #5:  Never Give Up on Them
Because somewhere inside, there’s a great dog just waiting to change your life.
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls8
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls9
5.18.16 - This Is What I've Learned While Fostering Pit Bulls10
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