Apr 15, 2016

Possible Cute Quilt

Hillary Did Good Last Night

donald's dumb and unthought out comments only make Hillary better........  


Just wanted to say I really appreciated your comments about the donald last evening because as a OR nurse one cannot always opt out of a procedure and the "D and C" or TAB, therapeutic abortion, is a routine procedure done for many reasons.  

The idea that we would go back to pre 1970 and not have a personal choice or the idea that a health care worker would go to jail or be punished for participating in a routine procedure is archaic. Not to mention stupid.  

This is someone who by his actions wants to participate in the sexual revolution footloose and fancy free but punish the woman if an unwanted pregnancy occurs.  

The man is disgusting.  

I have been waiting for Hillary forever because she is a mom just like me but now I would vote for her on Planned Parenthood alone because that is not something I am never willing to negotiate.  

I was voting for her anyway. I am still sad about the last election but I love President Obama, too. 

We are a team, me and Hillary.....same-same.  

This is why she will easily beat the Repubs also.  

Well done!