Mar 21, 2016

Here Is Why Hillary Clinton Should Win

So I have been supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States for a very long time and I do not mind telling you why.

Hillary Clinton is me--yes, she is Secretary of State and I am a retired nurse but we essentially have lived the same path.  When she talked about calling home from work every day at 3 PM to see if her daughter got home from school okay I said to myself.....Lady, if you ever run for President I am behind you 100 per cent.

It is just that simple because I spent my whole life as a single mom trying to work to get enough money and at the same time trying to be there with the kids,  It seems like I was always at the wrong place when the kids needed me the most.  It was just almost impossible to be at work and be home.

But, fortunately, like Hillary I did have someone to encourage me and that would be my Grandmother who told me to get an education and go to college so I did have enough money.  My Grandmother always believed in me,

I love to hear the story of Hillary's mom--it is very inspirational.

I love Hillary to bits and her policies are my ideas, as well.

I particularly like the way Hillary Clinton has supported Planned Parenthood--this is where we cannot go backwards--it is important for the safety and advancement of women everywhere.

Thank you, Hillary for working so hard for women everywhere.

I love Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem, too.

Your success is important to me and for women and children around the world.

You represent me.

Chloelouise--Hillary girl forever.

Hillary Clinton, American Inspiration

Dear Hillary:  

You look so beautiful today and you are so beautiful in your thoughts, as well.  

I have been waiting for you forever--it is an emotional thing for me now. We are both the 

same age and always trying to be good moms and work hard and do the right thing.  

You are my role model and inspiration--because I think if you can be President I can still 

go on my dream vacation.  

It's just that simple--thank you for everything, can't wait for you to be President and a girl 

to be in the Whitehouse.  

It is about time isn't it.  

Your friend, 

Chloe Louise--The Ronnie Republic