Mar 13, 2016

Pitbulls for Peace Endorsing John Kasich

Ronnie--willing to go to the dog beach with Kasich
Two Pitbulls, one white, another mostly black,...
Two Pitbulls, one white, another mostly black, 'tuxedo-black'. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dog beach at Coronado, California.
Dog beach at Coronado, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: "Arroz con pollo" and "...
English: "Arroz con pollo" and "papa a la huancaína". Home-made. Lima, Perú. Español: Arroz con pollo y papa a la huancaína. Preparación casera. Lima, Perú. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Seriously, folks, this donald trump figure is an embarrassment to our country.

As John Kasich said to John Dickerson on CBS Face The nation this morning we can't have pictures going around the world of individuals slugging it out at a campaign rally.

It's poor judgment and it looks dumb.

I could not go down to the dog park and act that way or I would be asked to leave and possibly not be able to come back.

There may be a hold up on the chicken and rice when I get home and I am just not willing to risk that.

Where's the judgment--donald trump has poor judgment.

At the end of the day we have to leave donald trump home--we can't take him out--he has no manners.

Ronnie:  donald has just got to stop and take a few moments to get things together before he acts--we all have to.


The other evening John Kasich said we are getting all kinds of endorsements.

Does he mean Cats for Kasich?

Ohio Cats for Kasich:  Bams did not really take offense at the kitchen comment as he enjoys food and working with the appliances