Feb 8, 2016

Standing with Hillary Clinton for the New Hampshire Primary

Hillary Clinton in Concord, New Hampshire
Hillary Clinton in Concord, New Hampshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hillary Clinton in Concord, New Hampshire
Hillary Clinton in Concord, New Hampshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am standing with Hillary Clinton and Chelsea for the New Hampshire primary.

I have been behind Hillary 100 percent forever--I wish her the best.

from her website..................

Chloe --

We're facing long odds in New Hampshire tomorrow -- we're down in the polls, our opponent has been outspending us for weeks, and his campaign has been outraising ours in big ways.

But I know nothing can scare my mom away from a tough fight -- it's one of the reasons I'm so proud to be on this team. It would mean a lot to my mom to have you by her side as we head into tomorrow's election. 

Carl DeMaio on KOGO 600 San Diego: A One Sided Report

I loved Carl when he was with Sully on KOGO because I think he is a gifted radio personality even though we are on different sides of the fence politically.  Once Sully left and he was on his own the show is so crazy one-sided ultra right wing with the accent on punishing.

Every time I turn on the radio and hear his voice he is going on about Hillary:  how she is going to jail, laughing at her, making fun of her personal traits......why?

It's not a fair show or a news show or a political show when he talks that way, it is just his own hatred of women.

If they want to have a show like that they might as well bring back chip franklin.

KOGO just can't help themselves.

from the KOGO website:

DeMaio Report. Investigative journalism and inside knowledge with an eye on solutions. The show focuses on the issues that matter most to you.

Read more: http://www.kogo.com/onair/the-demaio-report-56776/#ixzz3zd0uOXMF

This false and ridiculous statement appears on KOGO's website--I guess that's true if you are an ultra right-wing nut that hates women and democrats.  I do not really call his show investigative journalism--perhaps he is drinking the same Kool-Aid as Bill O'Reilly.

The DeMaio Report airs on KOGO 600 AM news/talk radio in San Diego weekdays from 3-6 PM.

copied from sandiegoradio.org.............

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Carl DeMaio to Moderate Republican Debate Monday

By Joe Nelson

Republican US Senate Candidates to 

Debate Feb. 8 on the DeMaio Report

Republican US Senate Candidate debate moderated by KOGO’s Carl DeMaio and Cliff Albert:
·         Rocky Chavez, State Assemblyman
·         Tom Del Becarro, Businessman
·         Duf Sundheim, Businessman

With the retirement of US Senator Barbara Boxer (D), California will see a hotly
 contested U.S. Senate race in 2016.  Three Republican candidates are vying to
 consolidate the support of GOP voters to secure a spot in the November
 runoff to face either Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D) or State Attorney
 General Kamala Harris (D).  At this point political observers consider the race
 wide open. 

Monday, February 8, 2016 from 5-6 pm

iHeart Media San Diego Studios, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive, San Diego CA 92123

Up to 50 tickets will be issued for the debate for studio audience members.  
Tickets will be given away on-air during the DeMaio Report the week of 
February 1-5, 2016. For more information, go to www.KOGO.com/Debate

Press are invited to cover the debate but are asked to RSVP in advance to
 secure credentials. To confirm space please contact Bill Lennert, Senior
 Director, Promotions & Events, at BillLennert@iHeartMedia.com or cell
 at 619-717-1914

On radio at NewsRadio 600 KOGO, online at KOGO.com OR on iHeart Radio App

Media Relations: Bill Lennert, Senior Director, Promotions & Events, Bill
Lennert@iHeartMedia.com or cell at 619-717-1914
Programming, Mary Ayala, Executive Producer, Mary.Ayala@IHeartMedia.com
 or 858.715.3318